Let your sales team do what they do best – close deals – let us find the leads

The Sales Prospecting Group's cost-effective solutions for optimizing your new top line growth starts with the basics...

No Shortcuts - No False Promises

The Sales Prospecting Group is more than a telemarketing company. Our process, approach and the intelligence we use are highly sales centric and effective– all focused on helping you reach your sales goals.

Sales Centric & Strategic


Most telemarketing companies are robotically scripted…. We develop a compelling statement to start a new conversation that’s designed to be short, succinct and to the point. From there we are conversational, asking questions, finding pain points and communicating strategic talking points to generate interest. This strategy not only gets you more appointments, but they are also higher quality appointments. In our conversations, we also uncover future opportunities and capture critical information like email addresses, contract end dates even incumbent providers. Anybody can make a phone call, but it’s our systems, our strategies and sales centric approach that sets us apart.

Intelligent Database


Our database resources are some of the best in the world. They provide direct dial phone numbers and email addresses for key decision makers in a multitude of positions. Time isn’t wasted fighting our way through a maze of gatekeepers and IVRs. Knowing who our contacts are and how to reach them directly makes the calls more efficient and effective.

Calling Programs


Whether you are looking for a quick boost to your pipeline or a long term inside sales partner, the Sales Prospecting Group offers calling programs to meet your needs and budget.

We sell time in blocks of hours ranging from 100 hours to several thousand hours. The cost per hour is very competitive and discounts are applied based upon the total number of hours purchased.

Our “Easy Out” clause will provide you with peace of mind when choosing one of our larger programs. Call us for details.

  • Appointment Setting
  • Lead capturing
  • Customer win backs
  • Surveys
  • Information gathering
  • Fund Raising
  • New product announcements
  • Anything B2B