Intelligent LinkedIn Marketing


LinkUp & Sell is an intelligent, multi-faceted marketing approach that will generate 10-15 new client meetings a month



LinkUp & Sell will turn your LinkedIn profile into a Lead Generation Machine


LinkUp & Sell blends Telemarketing, LinkedIn Organic Digital Marketing and Email Marketing together to create a steady stream of sales ready leads for your sales rep to pursue.

By systematically building relationships with strategic connections on LinkedIn, we’ll be able to convert them into warm leads resulting in high value sales appointments...

* We will design and implement a strategic LinkedIn campaign that will achieve your marketing and sales goals and establish your presence by building a large database of LinkedIn connections

* We'll run a long-term messaging campaign, building relationships and keeping your name consistently in front of these cold leads to convert them into warm leads.

* We'll download all of your new connections into a marketable database for drip emailing

* We'll incorporate personal introductions over the phone with the main purpose of the call being setting an appointment

As a result of our efforts of database building, group positioning and our nurturing process, we will create continual flow of new leads every month after a short ramp-up period.