Getting Started


You’ve decided to take the next step and work with us. How do we get started?


Getting off on the right foot is the key to maximizing results. We have done this with hundreds of clients and will walk you through the onboarding process step by step to ensure that things go smoothly out of the gate.



To be effective for you we need to get to know you, your company and product. During this phase, we will ask you thought provoking questions about your company that help us understand your value proposition, corporate identity, and target market as well as working out the logistics of your campaign.

Strategy Development


SPG will create a campaign scripting strategy designed around your goals and needs. This is a collaborative process that results in a compelling approach that will get you results.

System Integration


Our state of the art cold calling CRM can integrate directly into most sales CRMs, providing your team with the most up to date information on each lead we touch. We can also link to your calendar giving us quick access to your availibility and pushing appointments we set directly into your calendar.



Before a campaign begins we train your team to sound and feel like a part of your organization. You can participate in the training via conference call, webinar or even come to our office to meet with your team in person.



All SPG campaigns are carefully monitored, however, new campaigns get special attention to ensure that they get off to a good start. Adjustments to the script and strategy may be made based on what we experience in the initial phase of calling to ensure the best possible results for your campaign.