Intelligent Business Identifier Technology


Web Hit Detective

Any digital marketing firm can tell you who filled out your contact form.
The Sales Prospecting Group can tell you who didn't.

Statistics indicate that only 4% of those that click on a Google Ad or a website will take the time to fill out a form to be contacted. Web Hit Detective unmasks the other 96%, the ones that otherwise would have been lost opportunities.
This technology uncovers the identities of businesses by their unique IP footprint the moment they click on your ad during a Google search.
Once identified, our software will push that information directly to your assigned business development specialist as a hot lead. They will begin aggressively prospecting into that business to set your company a sales ready appointment.
This is a no brainer Talk about HOT leads, calling a prospect that we know is in the market for what you have to offer will almost always result in a sales ready opportunity.