Is cold calling dead for telemarketing appointment setting? While calling new people who have never used your product or service before is the long-established way of making contacts, warming up the calls makes for better success. Sales Prospecting Group specializes in booking appointments with warm prospects.

Why Warm Up Cold Calls

This makes sense most areas of life. You must defrost a frozen steak before you can cook it to sizzling perfection or warm up the oven before you start baking a cake. A cold bath or shower jolts the system, while a warm one soothes the body. Making a warmer call to a name on a list is more likely to start a conversation to explore the person’s interest than a cold call that might result in a quick “Not interested.”

While there are some prospects who are not interested because they have no need, they seldom know that in the 30 seconds it takes for your caller to say, “Hi, I’m Jen calling for United Gloves, a major distributor of workplace gloves.” The prospect may already have a glove supplier, only buys in November for the year, or only need a very small quantity. If you can get the person past the introduction, you will know whether you have an opening to share the benefits of what you offer, schedule an in-depth conversation later in the year, or mark them off the list as having limited or no potential.

Tips For Successful Telemarketing Appointment Setting

How do you warm up a cold call? Many experts in the field support doing it this way:

  • Call a targeted list. The stereotypical definition of a good salesman may be someone who could sell ice to Eskimos (or in most years, to Chicagoans), but most have more success in selling ice to overheated buyers in Houston or Miami. If your company sells work gloves, you will be more productive calling targeted lists to set appointments in foundries or welding shops than lawyer’s offices.
  • Make it personal. The hottest technique in use today is to check LinkedIn or other social media sites before making a call. You may learning that the company is opening a new location, that the prospect also manages the Safety Committee, or that you have a mutual friend. This makes a nice tie-in for your pitch about safety gloves.
  • Start with a script. Warm conversations tend to quickly run off-script, but starting from a script gets the conversation off to a good start and includes the basics about the company in a concise way. Good callers can make a few standard lines sound personal. To get information, asking questions is necessary; the key is to make them sound unscripted. The same goes for presenting product benefits.
  • Keep clear goals in mind. For most business services, the goal for the call is to book an appointment, not sell. Getting the prospect to be ready for an appointment may require more than one call. A good caller does not try to get the appointment unless the prospect is ready to commit to the next step.

Hiring Professional Callers

Hiring cold callers to book appointments will not get you the same results as hiring professionals who develop a relationship with prospects to warm them up, prequalify them, and make them responsive to booking appointments. For a more successful approach to telemarketing appointment setting,contact SPG today at (630) 701-9050.