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Prospect Smarter


Focus on People Already In the Market for What You Sell



Traditional telemarketing is like looking for a needle in a haystack. On average, only 3% of your market is actually in the market at any given time. The problem is you don't know who they are so you target everyone on your prospect list hoping to find the ones that are ready to buy. There is a better way...

Forester says that 68% of the buyers journey is done online, anonymously, before they ever speak to a sales person. Think about it... when you are making a purchase what's the first thing you do? You go online. You Google it. You search for options. That's the beginning of a buyer's journey. We can identify people on their buyer's journey - people already looking for what you offer - and turn them into leads for your sales team.


Wouldn't you rather look for a needle in a stack of needles?

The quickest way to new revenue is engaging people already in the market.


Boost sales like never before by getting involved in more early stage sales opportunities that you would never have known existed...

We can tell you who's
in the market right now and
why they're interested


Professional In House Telemarketing

- Sales Centric & Strategic
- Lead Nurturing
- Tailored Approach
- Direct Dial access to high level decision makers
- Automatic Call routing and prioritization.

Hyper Focused Relationship Based LinkedIn Marketing

We'll connect you to 1000-1500 laser focused LinkedIn sales prospects and market your business to them utilizing a highly strategic approach
We can Identify, by name, anyone within your targeted market that's actively online researching the products or services you offer.

The Sales Prospecting Group, the intelligent choice


Why Sales Prospecting Group?


Appointment Setting
In sales, timing is everything. Getting to prospects when they are in the research phase increases your chances of closing the deal.
Visitor InSites can tell you who is in the market right now for what you offer and help you communicate directly with them.
LinkedIn Marketing
LinkUp & Sell uses LinkedIn to connect you with hundreds of prospects, provides strategic communication strategies and schedules meetings with prime prospects that are already familiar with what you do and trust you as a thought leader.
Inbound Call Center Services
State of the art technology combined with our expert team of sales centric professionals will get you in the door.
Sales Prospecting Group was founded by sales professionals for sales professionals. We understand the value that comes from having sales management and sales operations support staff with sales backgrounds themselves.
SPG 360 multi-channel marketing campaigns integrate digital technology and traditional telemarketing solutions to accelerate sales.
Our goal is to become part of your sales and marketing team, blending seamlessly into your processes to help you achieve your sales goals. Our technology can integrate directly into your current systems.

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